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For those seeking an optimal and integral solution in the management of their boats, THE MED CAT COMPANY offers customized solutions to meet their personal needs, based on its specialized in catamarans staff.

Our goal is to facility and to optimize operations linked to your boat, so that they are developed more efficiently and with minimal intervention of the owner.

Unfinished, THE MED CAT COMPANY complies with the dream of every owner; enjoy the maximum of his boat without the work and concerns that involves being an owner.
Choice of the owner, to choose complete or customized and adapted services management.


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Assistance in managing your boat registration.

Once analyzed your particular needs, we can advise and help you in your boat registration and flag.

Special conditions in the insurance of the boat

Based on your navigation program, we offer the best conditions and market prices.

Crew recruitment

We will evaluate your requirements and select the crew that most suit your needs. We will maintain a continuous contact with the selected crew to guarantee its proper functioning.

Coordination and preparation of the boat transport

We will organize and prepare all the details to be made within the time limit and with all the guarantees.


The owner will be informed of the overall operation of the boat.

Advice and technical support

Annual maintenance of the boat. Management of guarantees. Spare parts.

Charter management

Commercialization of the Charter management in the national and international market. Advertising in the professional media. Participation in appropriate nautical events.